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What It Takes To Get Healthy

Posted by admin On October - 28 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

The most important thing that human need is in the level of physiological need relates on so many activities done by human being such as eating, sleeping, and drinking, make love, etc. In short, the need is to have physical health.
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Beauty of a Social Being

Posted by admin On October - 23 - 20091 COMMENT

Though the most important thing that people need for their physical is to be healthy, there is other thing that they need. What is it? It is called as beauty.

As we know, besides being an individual being, human is also a social being that needs relationship with other people. By this, language is the requirement to communicate all things. If you think that communication can only transferred from what you said from the spoken language, you will need to consider how you appear will give a certain reaction to other people.
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Characteristics and Judgment on Physical Appearance

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 20092 COMMENTS

Talking about physical appearance, we cannot omit the aspect of beauty in it. However, when we are talking about beauty, we will not be able to only limit the topic with how a person looks like since it also requires psychological factors such as intelligence, personality, charm, grace, congruity, elegance, and congeniality.
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