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Characteristics and Judgment on Physical Appearance

Posted by admin On October - 18 - 2009

Talking about physical appearance, we cannot omit the aspect of beauty in it. However, when we are talking about beauty, we will not be able to only limit the topic with how a person looks like since it also requires psychological factors such as intelligence, personality, charm, grace, congruity, elegance, and congeniality.

Meanwhile, in outer beauty, people usually will relate on some points such as health, averageness, symmetry, complexion, sexiness, and youthfulness. The standard of beauty has evolved from time to time. However, throughout the history traditionally the most beautiful characteristic is shown in humans who are relatively young, with smooth skin, regular features, and well-proportioned body.

In this era of information, the judgment on beauty is influenced a lot by the images seen in the media to tell the difference of the beauty and the ugly. Moreover, white women that dominantly shown in ads and movies also guide more people into Eurocentric concept of beauty. Besides leading to Eurocentric those movies and advertising also create internalized racism and inferiority feelings for colored women.

In physical appearance, generally there are four kinds of factors that affect human being. They are physiological differences of individuals, Long-term physical changes (such as hair loss and aging), short term physical changes, and personal effects (including clothing).

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