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Factors of Physical Appearance

Posted by admin On November - 12 - 2009

There are so many things that can be talked about in discussing on physical appearance. Though it might be a sensitive matter when talking about physical attractiveness based on generalization that relates with race’s skeletal shape such as elongated stride, different cultures has its own characteristic for degrees of attractiveness, social status, and other phenomena.

Generally, there are four factors that affect physical appearance. The first one is physiological differences of individuals. Second, appearance affected by long term changes of an individual. Third, the short term changes occur on individual that affect his or her appearance. Last, physical appearance is affected by clothing and personal effects.

In first part, physiological differences are influenced by height, skin tone, sexual organs, hair color, eye color, hair texture, body shape, body deformations, freckles, moles, birthmarks, body hair, etc. long term physical change is seen in aging and hair loss.

Meanwhile, the short term physiological changes can be seen from some occurrences such as fainting, crying, blushing, sexual arousal, hiccup, reddened skin, sweating, sunshine or frost that cause the changes of skin color, nose bleeding, shivering, etc. Lastly, some influence of personal appearance on clothing and personal effects can be seen in clothing, hair cut color and style, cosmetics (body painting, permanent makeup, and stage makeup), body piercings and tattoos, decorative objects, plastic surgery, etc.

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