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Posted by admin On December - 22 - 2009

Talking about women beauty tips; we will talk about cosmetic, chemical, expensive cost and bored activity. But, in this article I am going to tell you about one more point that is not mentioned yet, that is; natural women beauty tips so that you can treat your beauty naturally without any risk at all.

The first women beauty tips that you can try is to use fruits as your masker. Fruits are good natural material for your face; it has natural ingredients for face and skin. It has strong vitamin and skin protection from any damage. For example, you can use tomato as your regular treatment. This treatment will help you to cure acne problem and oiled skin. This women beauty tips also will help you to cure irritation caused by chemical beauty products.

The second women beauty tips that you should try is to use vegetables as natural treatment, cucumber is a good thing to reduce oiled effect. Oiled skin always stimulate acne problem, and cucumber can protect your skin from over oiled skin. Cucumber is good natural vegetable, so you do not need to worry of its side effects; in fact there is not bad effect of vegetables even though you use it for long term.

Those are two things; fruit and vegetable that you can use as women beauty tips in order to get health skin and face. For a better result, you can modify these treatments with your current treatment as long as they have similar materials.

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